Wash those…wait what?

I love my dishwasher.  LOVE IT.  Growing up mom always deemed my sister or I the “dishwasher.”  Though Mom spent more time being the dishwasher than both my sister and I combined.  When house hunting, a dishwasher was a top priority. Ok, so I wouldn’t have given up my dream home for it but it was definitely a factor. 🙂 So today I decided to tell you folks all the many purposes your dishwasher serves.  If you are only washing dishes in your dishwasher, SHAME ON YOU. I hope that after this post you fall in love with your dishwasher as much as I have and if you don’t have a dishwasher – this is a guaranteed add to your “must have list” tip. 🙂 So with out further ado, your most surprising dishwasher items:

1. A baseball cap.  Whether this be yours, the boys, the babies… there’s no better place than the dishwasher for those brims.  My Husband is super picky about the shape of that brim and I know if it goes into the washing machine it’s NOT coming out looking the same as it went in.  In fact, the likelihood that it will even bend back to the favored shape is pretty slim to none.  So throw that hat on the top rack and let your dishwasher do the job.  Finally – an answer to that nasty sweat ring around those hats. (SN: do not wash any clothing/material with food items – food will get caught in the materials!)

2. Knee pads, mouth guards, shin guards – throw those bad boys on the top rack and you are disinfecting those things without all that noisy tumbling around that the washing machine has to offer.

3. Potatoes – sounds dumb right.  Have you ever had to wash potatoes for a huge serving of Mashed Potatoes at thanksgiving?  Toss those babies in the dish washer on rinse only cycle and you can clean those taters while cooking the collards!

4. Toys! I’m a germ freak and love that I can throw Ems toys in the dishwasher at the end of the night to sanitize them.

5. Golf Balls and Bowling Balls -Everyone wants their balls shiny  🙂

6. Lampshades! I’ve done several.. it’s been a sure way to get them back to their spankin’ new look.

7. Combs and Brushe

8. Shoes!  Rain boots especially.  DO NOT PUT YOUR CROCS IN THE DISHWASHER — Yes I learned the hard way. 🙂

And that’s that.  Would love to hear some of your own crazy dishwasher items… 🙂


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