Braids and Buns

Everytime I go onto pinterest I see tons of braided hairstyles that I want to try.  I love that braids are in, mostly because I’ve ALWAYS loved to braid my hair.  Summer time is the perfect time to try out new braided styles. You can choose a to wear a messy braid to the beach or find an elegant braid to wear out to dinner.  It’s awesome how braids give you so many options.  So as you can guess, I chose to do a pinterest repeat of a braided hairstyle today.  I think my hair would have done better had it been a few inches longer but I love the concept of the idea and it was super easy and super fast!  I would definitely recomend this for an anytime hair style.  Whether it be a day at the beach, a day in the office, or a dinner date with that special someone.  I think I love it because I could do it so quickly and with a baby around it’s definitely important!

So first here is my Pinterest Steal:
Pinned Image

And here is my Pinterest Repeat:

  First I started with three normal braids.  I didn’t do anything fancy with this, no special parting and no precise measurements.  I only do easy. 🙂

 Next I braided all three individual braids into one big braid.  Because my hair is layered I have a lot of extra hair in my “tail.”  I use clear elastic bands to hold them together. The longer your hair is the better for this part!

 After you have your one single braid, you will roll that UP towards the top of your head. Pin the braid securely to your head.  I used 5 pins for this but you could probably get away with for.  Be sure to tuck your tails in!

 Tada!!! Mine is not quite as loose as the one from pinterest but only because my hair is shorter. 🙂  Love this look so much!

Would love to hear from you!  If you have pinterest repeats that you would like for me to try to attempt I’d love for you to send them along to me!


Until we meet again,



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