What’s that smell?

This week I had to litterally tear my fridge apart because of a disgusting odor that leaked into my whole house every time we went in for a drink.  The only good thing about that smell – none of us stood in front of the fridge, door open, pondering what we may want to eat or drink for hours. 🙂

So that said, this week I decided to do a tip on how to not just clean your fridge but also share a list of things that are said to prevent odors from happening!  And without further ado… here ya have it.

Obviously the first step to odor riddage is to unpack the fridge.  Littlerally strip the fridge bare.  The best cleaning aid to use in this case is a mix of baking soda and warm water together. It should be proportionate to about 1/2 cup of baking soda to a sink filled with water. Yep, you read that right.  So if you want to down-grade, you could fill a small pot with warm water and us 1/4 cup of baking soda. 🙂

Here is a list of things you can just “sit” in your fridge t0 help prevent that horrific odor from ever getting horrific in the first place – unless you let veggies rot, leftover mexican sit, or strawberries grow more strawberries in the back of your fridge. 🙂

1. Always keep a box of open baking soda in the fridge – remember to replace once a month!  (I checked mine when cleaning out my fridge and it was at least 5 months old!)
2. Keep an open bowl of vinegar in the fridge.  Vinegar is a odor neutralizer and also a great cleaning agent.  (Bonus tip – use vinegar mixed with dawn dish detergent to clean your house and you’ll save tons on cleaning products!)
3.Oats is a great odor absorber – leave a bowl of oats in the back of the fridge!
4.Coffee Grounds work great to eliminate odors also.  If you’ve cleaned your fridge and still have that raunchy smell – place an small open container of coffee grounds on each shelf.. in no more than 4 days you’ll be stink free!
5.Charcoal. I’ve never tried this but the charcoal is said to work the same as the coffee ground.  A few charcoal pieces on each shelf and bam – stink free!

My biggest tip on a stench free fridge – is too clean it WEEKLY.  I try to empty my fridge every monday night – which is the night before trash day around here!  That way if I’ve put to go boxes of mexican in my fridge and it got shoved to the very back, it won’t start growing anything over a week old.  🙂  Use air-tight containers when possible and put those veggines in the crisper drawers so they last longer! 🙂

Have you tried and odor removal remedies?  Did you try any of the above that worked miracles for you?  Want to hear your tips on this!!


Until we meet again,



One thought on “What’s that smell?

  1. We (meaning I lol) make sure that left overs dont stay in the fridge longer than 5 days. Thats how I keep smells out. I really need to clean the shelves though. Another great tip for keeping the fridge clean is to line solid shelves with cling wrap. That way it catches all the spills and crumbs and makes it so much easier to clean it up. Just remove wrap and replace with new 🙂

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