Mom Cam!

Dear Emilyn, you had made me laugh more in your first 5 months than I have in my whole 27years.  I love how pure your heart is and that you don’t yet know how funny it is when you toot so loudly in the most incovenient places.  I wish I had all these moments recorded so you could laugh as much as mommy does 🙂 I love you and your very happy heart. Todays million dollar idea: The Mommy Cam with a built-in smartguy editor.  No need to grab the camera! The Mommy Cam captures every minute of the day and with the built-in smart guy who automatically edits to keep your favorite moments with no hassle from you, you’ll never have another missed kodak moment again. 🙂 – another day in my life as “Mom.”

Until we meet again,






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