4th of July Wreath!

This week I was really excited about 4th of July coming up.  Thus, I wanted to find a “Pinterest Repeat” that would feed my need for the festive decorations. 🙂  I came across this awesome door wreath…

Pinned Image

Beautiful right?!  I love it too.  But I can’t sew a lick and it looks so hard.  I decided to use it merely as inspiration and instead go with something I can actuallly work with, duct tape.  The unfortionate part is that it was extremely heavy but it still turned out pretty fancy. 🙂

First here’s how it turned out 🙂 –

First wrap your wreath with red duct tape.  Once your wreath has been wrath make alternating ruffles with red and white duct tape to give the the wreath the textured look.  For the blue I made duct tape flowers and the then little silver bows.  This was a super fun and super easy project that I’m sort of proud to put on my door!  Have fun with this!!

Until we meet again,





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