Ever feel like?

Ever feel like you try so hard and all that effort is only rewarded with failure?  It doesn’t have to be something big it could be as little as going to class every day and failing that final exam, or cleaning all day for the dog to run across the floor with muddy feet.  Today is one of those days for me… over all frustration seems in incredibly easy for me when it comes to something that I work pretty hard at and then it gets ruined or seems like I failed.  In general I’m not easily frustrated. But for the love, when I work so hard and expect greatness to recieve mediocre I want to hit my head on a wall.  Today, I’m trying to appreciate mediocre and life’s gentle reminders that even though it’s great it comes with “rewards” that remind us why we aren’t meant for this world and heading for a place far greater.  I’m excited for heaven and beyond astounded at the greatness that is God and the final “reward” of a mere decision of Jesus.  This random ramble has left me, well thankful.

Until we meet again,





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