Why yes, I do enjoy coughing up my lungs.  Thanks for asking. I am one sick momma today and I’m not sure what’s worse, feeling miserable or trying my hardest not to get in my sweet girl’s face.  The thought of her getting sick makes me feel more sick!  AGH. Wishing I had a bubble to put my sweet baby girl in to keep her protected from these nasty germs.

“Um Mom, you let go…”

Million dollar idea? hardly. I think I’d be the next mug shot face of the news with tabloid pictures of “Mommy carrying child around in a giant bubble to avoid any exposure to ‘world’.”  But it’s the thought right?  Magic wand, Wiggly nose, Nod of my head, Bippity Boppity Boo — please work. –  another day in my life as “mom,” a very sick one at that.

What are things you do to avoid spreading those nasty germs to your sweet little ones?

Until we meet again,





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