EEK.  So after a semi-unusually not so busy but oddly busy week last week, I did not realize that my blog posts were not being posted to the live blog feed!  As a cheat for my own sake, I try to stay on top of my posts by doing them a few days before hand and still scheduling them to be posted on their respective morning.  As I was checking on things at this early hour, I realized no new posts had been posted.  I was sincerely confused, I KNEW I wrote them and even more sure that I time stamped them to be posted on corresponding dates.   Sure enough, when I checked my blog count there they were – unposted.  Turns out this silly momma put the year 2013 on the time stamp instead on 2012.  While the idea of being a whole year ahead on blog posts is a bit enlightening or even more so being able to to write a letter to my year from now self is pretty cool, it was completely unitentional.  🙂  I decided instead of blowing up my blog with a weeks worth of new posts all in one day,  I will post the new blog update for this week AND the one that was suppose to be posted from last week on the same dates. 🙂 For example – today you will get two tipful tuesdays and thursday you will get two tasteful thursdays.

Sorry for the confusion internet.  This crazy brained blogger just wasn’t paying attention. 🙂

Until we meet again,





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