See ya Pam!

I hate spraying Pam, you know, the cooking spray pam.  I always feel like it gets EVERYWHERE.  After doing a bit of research, I found a great way to make my own cookng spray and thought I’d make it into my tipful tuesday today. I love the idea of being able to create a cooking spray without having all those additives.  And no, I’m not overly cautious about additives – I eat them in everything else.  But I figure if it’s one less thing I’m having all the additives in then that’s pretty awesome. 🙂  Making cooking spray or what I now call STAM (STeph’s pAM) is super easy.  For my STAM I used one part olive oil to five parts water.  Just remember to shake well before each use. I do keep mine in the fridge as to not harvest any bacteria being this does not have any additive or preservatives in it, so I would suggest that you all do the same if you try this.  Don’t make a huge batch for the same reson!  I think I will probably change this out once a month or so just to insure germ and bacteria free STAM.  This is green, a bit healthier, and money cautious too.  A great tip for tuesday!  Go us for being a little cautious today. 🙂

Have any of you guys created you’re own cooking spray?  How’d you like it??  Did you use a different concoction?

Until we meet again,





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