Baby Oil

I have baby oil.  Tons of it actually. And it never gets used!  After having my sweet girl here for 8 months, I’m still not exactly sure what purpose baby oil would serve for her, except make her extra slippery and super shiny. 🙂  So Since I have bookoos of baby oil sitting around, I’ve decided to try to find a use for it (because trying to figure out if they came from Walmart or Target or CVS or Food Lion is nearly impossible!).  Welcome to today’s tipful Tuesday — a bunch of uses for baby oil that doesn’t include lathering up your baby and watching them slip and slide right out of your arms.

1. Substitute for Goo Gone.  I know your as shocked as I am, right?  Please say yes, I’m so sad that it’s taken me this long to realize that this slippery shiny oil makes things, well, UNsticky! Not too long ago I made the mistake of spraying an adhesive substance over my counter.  (don’t judge – I thought I grabbed the lysol!)  After trying everything I could think of – Windex  finger nail polish remover, comet, lysol- that I intended to grab the first time, and even straight rubbing alcohol, all I was left with was icky little rolls of stickyness and a very sticky counter.  I was outraged annoyed at the idea of having to actually put a bra on get dressed and go get goo gone from the store.  I had company coming over soon and did not need a sticky counter.  As I was changing E before heading out, there it was just hanging out on the changing table, in all it’s glory.

I’m not sure what made me want to lather baby oil on my counters or why I thought it would work, but I did. And it worked!!  Best Goo Gone substitute ever.  After all the scrubbing and picking I’d been doing that didn’t take it off – the baby oil removed the adhesive stickiness and I didn’t even have to scrub!  Best discovery ever. 🙂  Try THIS!  I purposely want to make things sticky so I can unsticky them with baby oil.  I’m overly excited about this stuff working!

2. It also works great as Eye make-up remover!  Baby oil comes in all scents and they also make a hypoallergenic one, which is ideal to use as an eye make up remover.  Save money and ditch that crazy expensive eye makeup remover you’ve been buying!  This works great for it!

3. Furniture polish. I’ve never tried it but in my research quick google search for uses for baby oil I read quite a few times that it was a great use for furniture.  Some people would add lemon scent to make it have a more “clean” smell and others preferred just getting the lavender baby oil and sticking with that scent.  I definitely could see how this works! It will certainly shine it up. 🙂

4. Chrome Polish – Whenever we wash cars around here, we always use baby oil for the rims on the tires (even the tires get a nice baby butt shine!).  It’s a great way to spruce up chrome.  You can also do this on golf clubs (try not to get it on the grip – we don’t need a flying club!) and faucets.  I feel like if it can shine, baby oil will do the trick.

5. Here’s a bit of an icky one – but with just a few drops in the ear it’s a good way to remove ear wax.  I was actually told this once upon a time by a sweet elderly friend. “Just drop a few drops of baby oil into those little ears (referring to E) and you won’t need to use any q-tips that can’t get to all the tricky places” (I said that in my most grannyfied voice… now go back and re-read doing the same). If you try this at home I’m neither responsible or accountable for anything that may could go wrong.  Despite being told to do that – I never have tried. 🙂

6. It’s a great paint remover.  FROM THE SKIN.  I had a sudden fear that some of yous would run to the store and by a gallon of baby oil to lather on the paint job your significant other surprised you with this week. 🙂  But if you decide to repaint and need to get the ickiness off your hands – turn to baby oil and cotton balls.

7. Massage oils.  No explanation needed. 🙂  Oh – but be sure to get scent you like or you will regret.  Some people don’t want to smell like a fresh baby butt all day.

8. Prevent/Treat Cradle Cap.  E never had Cradle Cap, but I kept regular baby lotion on her head all the time.  I’m positive I would have used baby oil to help treat Cradle Cap had she gotten it.

That’s my list!  I know there are thousands of things you can do with this awesome smelling, slippery, cheap, baby oil. Have you guys tried anything that surprised you that the baby oil worked on??

Until we meet again,


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