Pumpkins and Fall

Dear E,
Stop growing so so fast.
Love, Mommy


I just can’t believe how quickly time has gone by.  We took E to the pumpkin patch this weekend and she absolutely had a wonderful time.  It was so neat seeing her expressions as we walked through the petting zoo and I loved watching her curiosity as she explored the pumpkins, the grass, and the cornstalks.  It is such a sweet time right now and I am truly loving every moment.  I just wish she would slow down.  It’s so crazy how fast she has grown… to think just two month ago she was hardly crawling and now I can hardly keep up with her. To see her beautiful grin and the frustration I get from it everytime she shows it to me after I tell her no.  She understands no.  Oh my, just too big too fast.

Here’s a few pictured that captured her sweet face and expressions.

Until we meet again,



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