Chicken Parm… Pizza?

That’s right!  Chicken Parmesan pizza. This recipe was inspired by a recipe listed by Southern Living.  It was essentially debuted in an article for quick and easy recipes using 5 ingredients.  I loved the idea and went on a hunt to find my own recipe.  I haven’t made this one in quite sometime but because of my current craving you get the recipe.  Forgive me for lack of pictures on this one.. I’ve learned I’m terrible at taking them – but because I also haven’t made this recipe in a while.  It’s fantastic and will be going on my menu for next month.  (Yes, I do my grocery shopping and meal planning for an entire month at a time. You should try it too. :))

What you need:

Garlic Bread -Buy fresh and make your own or go with frozen! I try to always use what I have and I tend to always store frozen garlic bread.  The best kind to get for this if you don’t have your freezer packed tight is Italian bread like this:

-1 can of pizza or spaghetti sauce.  If you had spaghetti this week – this is definitely the chance to use this sauce!
-Shredded Italian Cheeses – I love the 3 blend cheese but feel free just to use mozzarella or just Parmesan.  It’s your pizza.
-Freshly grated parmesean – it makes a difference – just get some. 🙂
-Chicken –  This is entirely up to you what kind. 🙂  If you at chicken for dinner last night and have leftovers, this is the perfect time to use it.  You can also use packaged chicken breast from you fridge – I suggest seasoning it when cooking and to make it closest to chicken parm, oven fry it. The BEST chicken to use is those frozen chicken nuggets sitting in the back of your freezer. 🙂
-Basil – this is an important add because it gives the standout flavor to your pizza that sets it apart from a normal pizza topped with chicken.
-Onion – this is optional, I just love the taste it gives.

What to do:
Bake bread per box instruction until lightly brown.  If you chose to make own garlic bread – cook until bread is 90% done.
Add pizza sauce, chicken (cut into strips/shredded/however you desire it), cheese and basil
Bake at 400 8-10 minutes until cheese has melted.
Serve immediately. 🙂

This is great to serve as a mini appetizer also!  Cut your bread slicer into smaller pieces and you have finger food munchies. It can be a great dinner as well, serve with a Caesar salad and you are set for a fantastic dinner. My tummy is growling for this already!!


Until we meet again,



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