E has been playing pat-a-cake for months now.  When she began clapping it was a big deal!  Now it seems silly to think about her not clapping. 🙂  The first time she ever clapped was when J and I were watching a movie on TV and something struck me as stupid funny and I laughed so hard I clapped.  My 14 year old cousin calls these knee-slapper funny. It really took me by surprised when she started clapping and it was then when I realized I was in trouble because she was already mimicking us. 🙂  This week E, out of no where, started rolling it up. Now I know there’s a whole nother version to Pat-a-cake, or at least the first verse – but the only one E knows is

Patty cake, patty cake, baker’s man.
Bake me a cake as fast as you can;
Roll it up, roll it up;
And throw it in a pan!

And yes, we even say patty. 🙂  Check out this sweet video of miss E rolling it up.  I’m bragging and totally bias — but she’s so smart. 🙂 Enjoy the video and a little glimpse into another day in my life as “Mom.”

Until we meet again,



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