Best Advice Ever? Day 9

This tipful tuesday comes to you rather late due to some personal things and a death in the family.  What a rough weekish it has been.  I can only name one good reason that this is late and that reason is that this “best advice ever?” comes directly from a small piece of advice that I re-received this week.  Being reminded of something is the best way to put it into action…. and while I am not so grateful for it’s reason, I’m very grateful for it’s reminder.

9. Take pictures, a lot of them. Even when you hate the way you look, long to be different, or just plain hate pictures.  Take them anyway.

One day you won’t be here to account for your smile and people whether you think so or not want to have you to remember.  So take pictures.  Jump from behind the camera and get in front of it. Cheese with your family and closest friends.  And take pictures EVERYWHERE you go.

I hate pictures… honestly. I just hate being in front of the camera.  A very dear friend of mine takes pictures every time I’m near and I even hate that too — but when it comes time for me to meet Jesus…. I think I’m going to appreciate that they have those pictures.  Every pudge, every crooked smile, every chubby cheek, and all the things in between – because that’s their memories even if I wish I looked different in them.  So let people take your picture and take theirs…. all the freakin’ time.  There’s a reason someone put cameras accessible to us at every moment by placing them on our phones.  Seriously, use it all the time.  Freeze your memories.

Until we meet again,



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