It’s ok to feel pretty :)


Putting little ol’ me on the blog today.

As women we have a lot of insecurities… and boy do I mean a lot. We compare ourselves to people on TV, in movies, in Magazines and don’t get me started on the way we compare ourselves to our perfect friends and family members. But every once in a while we come across a day where, for no good reason, we just feel pretty. Today is that day for me. I’m really apprehensive about taking pictures of myself or even being in them. I really don’t love anything about the way I look apart from the natural blue eyes that I was so wonderfully gifted. But because I’ve started a new challenge of taking on today in a new way, I’ve decided that I couldn’t leave myself out it. So here I am ladies (and gents) taking a new approach to blogging and getting out behind the camera. There’s a thousand things wrong with this picture but today, I feel pretty. And despite all the things that can be said about that… it’s good to feel pretty. 🙂  Take pictures of yourself as much as you want and fall in love with yourself.  Learn to love – YOU. Fix the things you don’t like about yourself one thing at a time… and I mean this just as much inwardly as I do out. You are beautiful… and it’s OK to feel that way too.


Until We Meet Again,


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