Someone Received Their Heart Today. :)

IMG_20130520_182826_145      See it?See it??

This isn’t exactly the type of pictures I wanted to post but couldn’t resist given my blog title and importance of the rainbow. I was heading to dinner with the Fam when I came across this gem. It was just E and I in the car and I’m positive that I squealed pretty loudly and told her to look. Mind you, E is still in a rear facing car seat and this rainbow was in front of me, but I’m sure she still shared in my excitement. 🙂
Sticking to tradition, please celebrate with me today, as it is believed that someone special received their new heart and new lease on life. Happy Heart day to you sweet one and may you celebrate so many more to come.

And Thank you to our donors… we don’t forget you even in times of celebration.  You gave us life and love through such a selfless decision.  We could never repay you and the only way we know how is to celebrate the life you gave us.

Until we Meet again,


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