A day in the life…

IMG_20130523_054514What it looks like to spend a day in our life. 🙂

Walk through the hospital with a mask on your kid and you get a sense of how many people are still filled with heart. Sympathy. Pure looks of sweet thoughts and ‘Im sorrys.’ They think oh man, that poor child… I wonder if it’s cancer. I know this because it never fails, at least one sweet soul builds up the courage to ask in a not so nosy way, “how can I pray for her and can I do anything?” In reality though, it’s just a day in our life of being germ cautious and E is absolutely healthy. I love seeing the looks when I tell people I’m a germaphobe (with reason!!) and if you really want to you can pray we walk out of here without taking germs with us. :). Having a heart transplant means we have no immune system… heck I don’t even have the good immune system most heart recipients have. So we’re extra cautious… all of us. Because if E gets sick then I get sick. And I don’t have the super powers to fight off even the common cold. 🙂 So here’s to a day in our life. Even E knows how to appreciate a mickey mouse mask and the endless supply of hand sanitizers. 🙂

Until We Meet Again,


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