When baby gets boo boo


In love with those sweet blue eyes.

What I’ve learned in my year and some months as being a mommy is that babies aren’t as fragile as I originally once thought.  My sweet E falls in a single day hour more than I can count on one hand and just like mommy she laughs and laughs about it. This boo boo comes delivered to you from a face plant directly into the grass while we were playing outside. (and if you are local, you are just now realizing that I cheated on today’s picture, because you know it was entirely too icky and cold to play outside today. Yes. You are correct. I Cheated. But I didn’t want too much time to pass before this one got away.) 🙂  She fumed in tears after this face plant which is way out of character for my girl and then she didn’t stop. Those tears just kept coming! Which, now I’ll explain the pacifier/binkie/mute button. Em is on the down climb of the paci. She gets it ONLY at bedtime and in the car because she really hates the car seat much of the time.  She really doesn’t mind handing it over in the morning when she wakes up but asks for it the second she gets ready to go to bed… Yes, I know it’s habit. But, I’m also working on getting her into the crib all night. One step at a time, folks, one step at a time. Anyway, back to the boo boo… tears, crocodile tears… and in the middle of all those crocodile tears she yells “ppppaaaaaaaccciiiii” and yes, this momma’s broken heart went inside and grabbed her paci.  I think that was the clever plan behind the face plant the entire time. 🙂 It turns out she had a serious boo boo. Poor girl not only scratched her face in multiple places but she also had a pretty heavy cut on the top of her eye lid.  This was several days ago and it’s just starting to heal now. It’s crazy how much I hurt when she hurts. I now know why my mom never let us run on the sidewalks or driveways when we were growing up. No, I’m not joking. My sister and I could NOT and I do mean NOT, under any circumstances, run across the driveway or sidewalk when we were growing up.  The kids would get together to play hide and go seek or flash light tag or any of the  numerous game where the ultimate goal was to tag someone out. We’d run as hard as we could from the person who was “it”  and stop, walk across the driveway and then run again. I’m sure we managed to make walking on the cement a cool thing and implement that into the rules so we didn’t get out all the time, but it was such a terrible thing growing up. Mom, I definitely understand why you did that and you are the greatest mom in the world. I’m not sure I’ll have the heart to make E walk across the driveway when playing tag until I nurse my first driveway boo boo… but I’m slowly, ever so slowly turning into you. (and that’s ok by me… I secretly love that and wouldn’t want to be any other kind of mom).


And since I cheated, A sneak at today’s sleeping Angel. 🙂

Until We Meet Again,



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