The things I can’t Change…

Ever write an entire post and then adequately justify just one single reason why the world doesn’t need to read it? yes. That just happened. I not only wrote an entire blog post, but I wrote for over an hour. Then with a single click of the mouse I highlighted and deleted. That simple.
If you know me well, you know that I’m an avid “journaler”. I write often. Nerd alert, but I even have more than one personal journal that I frequent and they hold thoughts that I don’t share with a single soul.  I could write for hours. I tend to have deep thoughts that sometimes take a pen and paper to simply articulate. While I’m cautious over what I write on this blog, because of it’s lack of privacy settings, I still long to give you all deeper reads every now and again to give a stronger sense of who I am. There have been several nights that I sit down to give you all a random ramble and it turns into much more than I intended. It’s the reason I’ve never been excellent at blogging about things that affect me personally, and also the reason I’ve tried and failed at writing my story.  I have always had such a yearning to write a book. Not that I think my life is full of awesome and people want to know it’s detail, but I think I have a perspective that would make for an interesting read.  That is, if I could keep myself on an even keel surface.  But I can’t! I start writing and then I don’t stop. If this was hashtagged it would look something like this #deepthinkersproblem #writers-unblocked #braintrain #toomuchfreethinking #journalmuch?

🙂  I’m sorry for the boring post, but please forgive me as I start this journey with you all. I do intend to offer you bits of my heart, but please bare with me as I learn to separate the deeper parts of my heart and things that I truly intend to write about.

I will leave you with this sweet thought tonight.  The idea I was going with for this entry/post was peace and serenity. The idea that there are so many things that happen in life that are completely out of our power and no matter how much we want to change them we can’t. Some of us pray to God  for peace and strength to get through. Some us think positive thoughts and simply accept the change. Some of us still continue to look for a way to change or grab control on the uncontrollable.  I think there’s a lot to be said about finding peace and strength in accepting the things we can’t change. Our hearts can truly become hard and angry… bitter even, when we dwell on our lack of power over a situation.  It not only affects us, but those who love us most. So find strength to accept the things we can not change…. because quite frankly, there is so much that we can. If we accept the uncontrollable in terms of finding peace with it, we can have courage and strength to walk through that which we actually can control, LIKE our response to just what it is that we are powerless too.  Whew. Deep there, Guys. We we went Deep. 🙂



Until We Meet again,


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