A fun Saturday!

Eating Breakfast!!

Eating Breakfast!!

When you have a not so fun-filled and frustrating news Friday, you make up for it by having a really fun Saturday.  Already I feel the judging eyes because I gave my kiddo cotton candy, but wait til you hear this… I gave her cotton candy for breakfast!! 🙂  Nope, I’m not even remotely kidding. Cotton candy for breakfast.  And I’m not sure who had more grins, me more my sweet girl. We were sticky, icky. and loved every bite. I think in E’s book I just became the coolest mom in the world. Despite indulging in a super sweet sugary breakfast, it just wasn’t enough fun to make up for Friday’s lack there of. We decided that we wanted to head out on the town for some adventures. So we hopped in the tub for a bubble bath to eliminate the leftover of the super sticky pink goo that covered Em from head to toe and then we left for our next adventure. Don’t worry… the only sweet it involves is the face of my sweet girl enjoying her very first ferry ride. 😀


IMG_20130525_060652IMG_20130525_061128We ate lunch on the other side of the water and walked the town.  We had a really great day and made super special memories.  It’s such a blessing to be able to experience so many firsts with my sweet girl. I love making memories… fun memories. And after all is said and done, we made up for yesterday’s cruddyness.
So in love with her and mommy-hood.  She certainly makes life worth waking up for. 🙂

Until we meet again,



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