To the Beach as We Remember


IMG_20130527_075236    IMG_20130527_075443


We spent our day at the beach today! 🙂 It was our first trip of the summer and E had such a fantastic time. It was another one for the memory books. When all was said and done we had enough sand in the car to build a small island. E LOVED playing in it and she loved even more pouring it all over top of her Aunt A and myself. We were covered from head to toe in the “beach” and the water was far too cold today to jump in and rinse off. E built sandcastles, ate goldfish, drank coke (eeep bad mom alert), and sat in her very own chair… she even tried to steal a couple of toys from the kiddos down beach.  Silly girl. It was a great day and we had such a fun time. Early bed time around here!


Let us not forget that today is also memorial day. It’s the reason we remember. The reason we take a day off work. It’s the reason we have BBQs (btw – veteran’s have BBQs too!). And it is one of the most well respected “holidays” that we as American’s get the opportunity to celebrate. No one said it better than James Garfield…”For love of country they accepted death.”
I am always filled with humility on this date. I’m filled with incredible amount of gratitude. I’m filled with grief. I’m filled with respect. I’m filled with praise. Today marks the day that we honor and praise those who have gone before us. We remember those who never came home and those who are still serving as POWs. We Honor those serving or have served any part of their life to make this country the great country it is today, in so so many ways. We Honor You. We Honor your Families. And we are so incredibly thankful for you.

Today our pictures also honor you!  Sporting our Red, White, and Blues to celebrate those whose lives have impacted our nation most. You are our heroes. Thank you!




Until We Meet Again,


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