We’re baaaaack…. :)

So I know it’s been about a week (ok maybe more) since you’ve been oh so surprised with a daily blog post but let me just tell you that I literally didn’t have time to sleep last week and stopping to write for even a mere few minutes seemed impossible.  That said I did not forget to take pictures of our daily memories. So here goes in no particular nor a no drawn out order. 😀


Yes, Peanut Butter and Jelly time. 😀 We took advantage of a nice day and picnicked in the backyard. A perfect treat on a sunny day. We even managed to catch some rays and get a little Golden (ooor half tomato red with a tint of peach but still).  I’m realizing more and more that it’s about these precious moments. I don’t really mind taking time out of the busy rush for these. This is what I want E to remember… and this is what I want her to treasure.  Oh how I love making daily memories.

IMG_20130530_012926Now this may not seem like a big deal to many of you but this picture is a huge thing. This room was hardly walk-in-able at the start of it’s day – NOT because it was the toy room – but because it was a guest room that had slowly metamorphosed into our laundry room, our coat closet, our hamper, our storage unit… it was “the whatever we needed it to be” room.  NOW it’s back to a guest room but half of it also serves as E’s toy room.  I still have some things I’d like to do in here, including creating a perfect reading nook for her, but this is a perfect start. And don’t start, I know my child has far too many toys – she also is very loved by her maw-maw and aunts and uncles.  We have a rule in our house that we are only allowed to take a one toy in the living room to play with at a time… when we’re done playing with that one we take it back to her toys and pick a new one out.  Trying hard to keep her organized early. 😀  No one needs to play with more than one thing at a time anyway! 😀

This is a small blip out of my “Mother’s Story” journal.  I was gifted this book at Christmas time by a very dear sweet friend of my family. At the time I will admit to liking the idea of the journal at Christmas but nothing like I am in love with it today.  The journal exists solely to answer questions that your kids are too young to ask just yet, but know they will want to know about later on.  It’s a fabulous Idea. I actually journal to E often. It’s weird, I know but I want her to have it if ever something happened to me. I started her journal when she was born and wrote to her every day til her first birthday. Now I write to her when she accomplishes a big something or hits another milestone or I’m just feeling extra mommy-y and full of advice or encouraging words for her.  This “Mother’s Story” journal is a great way to give to your little ones future. Tell them the story of you. I strongly encourage that you find one at your local bookstore! And if you have the time… every once in a while write a letter and seal it up for later and tuck in it a box for your kids. You never know when they are going to need to hear your voice and you won’t be their to give it for them.

Then there’s the day we spent with Aunt A at the children’s museum in downtown. We had so much fun and I don’t know who laughed more out of the three of us.  E danced, played in bubbles, laughed at an elephant, and ran free all over the place.  I couldn’t credit the children’s museum enough – we truly had a ball and  ran out of time and energy to explore everything there was to explore. Yes…  All three of us. 🙂


BUBBLES!!!! When I did rotationals at the children’s hospital during my short lived moment of becoming an occupational therapist (yes… I wish I did too. No. I didn’t finish school because I decided I needed to get married and have a family — btw college kids- DONT DO THAT — though I wouldn’t trade my life for anything despite having my bachelors I wish I would have continued and completed med school) anyway – during that shortlived moment of becoming an occupational therapist I learned that I truly couldn’t blow bubbles. Absolutely STUNK at it. I’d try so hard for the kids and then there were none.  Whatever the children’s museum makes their bubbles with… they BLOW!  whoop whoop. Worth going back just for that. 🙂

IMG_8030 (2)

I had the privileged of working backstage at the dance rehearsal and recital again this year.  They fall on back to back nights and though exhausting, it is always so much fun.  I love seeing the itty bitty ballerinas get jazzed up and step out on stage to do their thing and the seasoned dancers shine at what has turned into an established art. I look forward to recital every year and anxiously await my backstage orders.  I’m biased to this recital because I danced here under my favorite dance teacher for 15+ years and now my sister teaches dancing babies here (yes, she dances too!).  By the looks of it E will find her place on stage next year too! 😀

                     IMG_7855 (2) IMG_7775 (2) IMG_7802 (2)

IMG_7982 (2)And the other reason I am totally biased to this dance recital… these sweet dancers are all related to me in some way, shape, or form.  It’s so fun watching them dress up, make their way backstage, and then onto the big stage to do what they’ve been working on all year!  I love these girls so so much and love watching them excel in things they love.  You all did GREAT and loved your quick feet and sweet smiles on stage this year.

IMG_7874 (2)IMG_7885 (2)

IMG_7872 (2)

There’s precious moments where you get to sneak in pictures with the best dance teachers in the world and I happen to snag the best daughter in the world and have her backstage at the perfect time to do it.  Mini photo shoot in the middle of “All that Jazz.” KooDoos to these two and their many many friends and family. What a great year it was and beautiful perfect blast from the past. (If you went to recital you know that blast from the past was the theme and I’m not just being a nerdle here.) 😀

IMG_8015 (2)IMG_8019 (2)

Then there’s the moment you get a break and have a mini-shoot with your daughter. 😀

IMG_8010 (2)IMG_8028 (2)IMG_8029 (2)

We had a really great week and even though it was full and busy to it’s core… it was full of memories too!  Hope you enjoyed peeking into our lives!!  Stay tuned for more duplicate day updates as I’ll be catching you up on some of the happenings of this week too.


Until We meet Again,



One thought on “We’re baaaaack…. :)

  1. You inspire me! I am blessed & honored to call you my friend. Thank you for sharing your love, insight & kindness. Love you to the moon & back!

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