My Sweet Daddy


Here’s to all the Dad’s out there who spend all year loving your babies just to get one full day of recognition. Yes, I said it. 🙂   But oh is it true.  Father’s Day is such a sweet day because we get to honor those that mean the most to us… yet my dad honors me every single day. He loves me every day…. it seems a little backwards that we just give one day to our daddies. If I were president Woodrow Wilson – I would have, at the very least, made fathers day a national holiday every month. Just Saying.

As Father’s day has reared to it’s end, I have had the great joy in reading all your face book posts to your poppas…. I’ve even giggled at some of the pictures you have posted. I shed tears with some of you as you have longed to celebrate with your daddy and not just his memory. And today, I hung my head with you for the daddies in your life that just didn’t get it… who missed out on their little ones and never understood its greatness and the honor that come from being “Daddy.”  But what I have not done today, is shared with you a glimpse of my Daddy. So, this blog is geared toward my one true fan… My dad.  He reads every blog I post and when it’s been a little too long, he’s quick to remind me of my “superior blogging skills” and how they are greatly missed. Dad, you have never lacked in the making someone feel good bug and for that I’m truly grateful. 🙂

My sweet Daddy is my strength on so many levels and I am so blessed to call this man Daddy.  Daddy has taught me so much that I long to pass on to E. He’s taught me what unconditional love looks like and the longing to want to protect those he loves most is of utmost importance.  He has taught me that sometimes having a bigger heart is better than having a bigger wallet. That life is tough but there’s always a silver lining. To never meet a stranger. That even though we’re tenderhearted we don’t have to be quite so gullable, all the time. He’s taught me how to be strong through my tears and laugh through the pain. How to love honestly and walk purely. How to push myself beyond what I ever thought I could do and never give anything less than my 110%.  How to appreciate the upside of the hurt and find wisdom in the lesson. My Dad was the one that walked into the operating room with me countless times till I fell asleep because I was scared to do it alone. He was the one that pushed me to take my first step onto a softball field and then again just 6 months post transplant. He’s the one that listened when I cried because he understood my struggle. My Dad fights for me whenever he has opportunity too…both in little things and the big ones. He has walked through this life with me not only encouraging me to be the best that I could, but listening when I felt I wasn’t and telling me all the reasons I was. Daddy, Thank you for teaching me and still teaching me all the time. You are the rock in my life and a true anchor for my heart. In all honesty, I give you complete credit that I’m still here to see today… on the days that have been too much you remind me why they’re worth it and that it does get better. You’ve protected me on days even when I didn’t want to be and you knew just how far too push. You made sure that I had a future and I’m grateful for every decision you’ve made for me. Thank you for always providing and for making life growing up so easy. It wasn’t til I was married and on my own that I realized how much you did for us and I couldn’t be more thankful. I will always hope that I can offer to E all you have offered to me. What’s so great, is that she gets to learn from her Granddaddy too. I didn’t know I could love you more until I saw you fall in love with my sweet girl… how my heart swells for you. Thank you for being the greatest Daddy. I could never long for more. I’m a proud Daddy’s Girl… but even more proud that I get to call you Daddy.  You deserve so much.  I love you, Daddy — more than there are words.



Until We meet Again,


One thought on “My Sweet Daddy

  1. You do have one amazing daddy! He always has everyone’s best interests in mind and knows how to make you smile! Pretty cool uncle too!

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