It was a Busch Gardens Kinda day!

So we all know at this point that I’ve been trying hard to make memories that will last forever with E. In doing that I take somewhere around 1000 pictures of everything we do just incase she forgets… which is pretty likely, given her 18month self. 😀 I’ve been slack about posting them here because well… when Emilyn goes to bed, I’m ready too! I’ve been sooo exhausted come night time. We are having a really fun summer and I’ve been soaking it up to the max. My baby is growing so fast and I don’t want to miss a beat!

Now that we have that out of the way. It’s picture time!!



Standing in line for the boats! This was E’s very first ride… she’s not so sure yet!


Hi Mom!! I love the swings!


Momma took a quick break and rode a roller coaster all by herself. 🙂  PS single rider lines are way short! 


If you’re going to cruise the park… you better do so in style! 😀

IMG_20130627_175025_797 IMG_20130627_175225_809

The lady bugs were E’s very favorite.  She giggled so much!




Mommy loved the Merry-Go-Round because she got to ride it too. 😀


Sorry to bombard you with pictures. 🙂 This is just a FEW from my phone. There are over 100 more on my real camera but I thought these would suffice.  Hope you enjoyed peaking into our day at busch gardens!  
SN: If you have a little one under two and contemplating if it would be worth going… the answer is yes! There is so much for the kiddos to do from a splash park (bring your bathing suit!) to so many rides.  Gone are the roller coaster line waiting and onto silly kids super excited to have fun.  This is way better anyway.


Until we meet again,



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