Happy Birthday….

to the spunkiest 4 year old I know! 🙂


6771_114998097824_296600_n DSC_0069 (ZF-5276-14747-1-001)

Madison Jade, oh my where has time gone. I couldn’t be more proud of the sweet girl you are. You have made me laugh more than any grown adult and your quirky, spunky personality is absolutely irreplaceable. I have marveled daily as I’ve watched you grow from a precious baby to a beautiful toddler and then to a gorgeous 4 year old little girl that you are. You’ve surprised me time and again with your smarts and even more with your “I’m serious” talks. 🙂 I absolutely cherish the minutes we share and am grateful that we get to spend hours drinking chocolate milk and singing silly songs. You showed me first the importance of remembering to have a childlike faith and the easiness of imagination. You are such proof that there is no such thing as boring… simply lack of imagination sometimes. 🙂

IMG_20130418_135433_087   IMG_20130418_135556_943

E wanted to make sure that I told you “Happy Birthday Maddy!” just from her. 🙂  You two are so funny together and I love watching how you love each other. From best friends to sisters you are perfect together. Even in your arguments over who gets what color necklace and who gets the last marshmallow from the lucky charms box – you always manage to hash it out smiling. I’m so so glad that you two are growing together.  I think you’re friendship will be something you each cherish through the years… just as I cherish my friendship with both your mom and daddy.  I can’t wait to see where life takes you Madds… but I’m also looking forward to your “older sister-like” guidance for E. She already looks up to you and the years ahead will only prove that to be a good thing.

Green-Heath-Spring_0248-ZF-8414-29908-1-001-012IMG_0383 DSC_0094 (ZF-5276-14747-1-004)

Happy Birthday MJ. I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate today with you. It truly is so hard to believe that it was 4 years ago that we waited anxiously for you and that I tortured your momma with pizza she couldn’t even eat! I couldn’t be more proud to be your god-mother. You make our life so much much fun and I’m am so very grateful!
I love you sweet girl!


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