As I enter back into the blogging world after what became a break from not just facebook but an inadvertant break from the “bigger world” all together, I come with a slightly different blog post. I still intend very much to post sweet pictures of E as she grows, but I want to begin writing more. Mostly to fulfill some personal goals and also just to take that time for me. In hindsight, many who know me credit me to being a deep person. I get stuck in my thoughts often but even more, I don’t do nearly enough sharing. As I’ve mentioned several times before, I write in my personal PAPER journal nightly. It’s something I’ve done for years and something I cling to vastly. I can put my emotions in there, my deepest irrational thoughts, my fears, my happiness, my prayers… it all goes in there. A sweet friend recently told me that I cling to my journal the way they cling to me as a friend but the downside of writing it out is that I don’t get support or advice from those who care about me most. What an eye opener. It hit me in a harsh way and I felt unduly defensive over it. After gentle conversation though, I realized she was right. So, here’s to new beginnings. I won’t attempt to bog you down with my emotions or the daily intimate posts as I do my paper journal.  But in attempt to be more real, I’d like to share more with you. Write more with purpose. My greatest hope is that whatever I happen to be writing about that day will be an encouragement to even one person. Maybe someone is going through a similar situation or needing the same encouragement that struck me that day and if not, then I’m still accomplishing something – exposing myself a little deeper and little more authentically. 🙂


Before I left face book for a couple of months I had asked for anyone wanting to stay connected through my blog to leave email addresses and I would plug you in to follow me. I have each of you turned off as I am now active again on facebook and don’t want to load you up with unnecessary emails. 🙂  If you wish to still receive updates via email, let me know either through comment, email or FB. I don’t need your email address again (unless you didn’t give me one initially), just a note saying you still want to follow my blog.  I will gladly and enthusiastically plug you back in. I still intend to do my “takes on today” giving you a picture update of the happenings and memories I try hard to cherish with E and the fam. I have no plans to shy away from that but did want give you to the option of updates as these posts link directly to facebook also.  Let me know! I would love to know that my posts are going directly to in-boxes!! 🙂

Until We meet again,



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