E went to the ER!

Two post in one day?? What’s going on with me. 🙂  I cheated and was meaning to schedule this in for wednesday’s post but forgot to do that. You’re welcome. 😀

Any child of mine is bound to make it to the ER, at least once… and while I hesitate to say that, I’m pretty positive that is an understatement. 🙂  We are a family of accidents and being accident prone is almost a rite of passage. My sweet E definitely did not escape this adopted gene and wounded up in the ER about a week ago. Today, was the official last day of her boo boo, so I deemed it appropriate to tell you folks about it and show you her first ever battle scar.


E took quite a tumble when playing with mom’s dog and busted her head wide open. To this minute, I’m not 100% positive how she did it because it happened so so fast but what we do know is… well it happened. 🙂  I think it hurt me far worse than it hurt her.  She was such a champ at the ER and made me oh, so proud. Even in the midst of all the aches and pain this sweet girl was still full of smiles. Today we went to her pediatrician to remove her staples. Another first marked off the books… though this one I could have done with out.


It may be silly but I definitely hung on to her first ER hospital bracelet and my name tag that said I was her mommy. It’s the little things right? Sometimes as “mommy,” I am overwhelmed with how much love there can be in one single person. My heart literally bursts for my sweet girl. At the very moment that E was crying because she was hurt, my heart broke into one thousand itty bitty pieces and in that very moment I had no idea I could hurt that way for someone…. and this being said by someone who is overly empathetic and has an untamed habit of hurting with people. I so badly wanted to take her place or wave a magic wand to make it better. I did all I could to do just that, from singing her our favorite song, trying to talk to about her funny things, and simply tell her how much I understood her tears.  All this over a gash on her forehead. While I was sitting there with a cloth over her head and even before we assessed the damaged well enough to know it needed sutures to help with healing, I couldn’t help but to think about a friend. Her sweet baby girl recently was severely burned from a quick accident in the kitchen…. at the time I read the news my heart broke for both this little girl and her momma. But as I was sitting there with my own crying beauty, my thoughts went directly to this momma. I was a complete mess over E being hurt and she wasn’t life flighted to a nearby hospital. To all you momma Ladies out there… it takes strong women to be “mommy” and that’s a beautiful blessing. So So Thankful for the opportunity to love such a sweet girl over and over again. If I haven’t learned anything else at all, I’ve learned that there is no greater love than a love for your child. You will always choose them first. You will always do your best for them. You will fail, you will cry, you will feel like you could do a thousand times better… but you will do all you can for them because you are their mom (or dad) and there is nothing more important to you. There is no greater gift that could ever be given to me…. and I’ve been gifted far more than I ever deserved.

IMG_20130929_170534_094                              IMG_20130929_170612_047

And just so you aren’t left with terrible battle wound pictures. Here’s sweet E cheesing over “sketti” that our favorite neighbor and sweetest friend, BeBe, prepared for us for our Sunday Dinner.  🙂 Our last “official” night with a boo boo.  I’m not sure why she’s decided that this is the best smile she can produce… but she sure has the knack of cheesing down.

Until We meet again,




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