Fan Problems :)

So Dad, my ultimate biggest fan, has been after me again quoting exactly the last date I updated this blog of mind. So here I am. 🙂 I’ll tell you exactly what I told my dad… when you have a toddler that fights sleep until 1 or 2 in the morning it leaves no time for blogging. I try to do any and all my writing after my sweet baby girl is in bed. Here lately getting in bed has been a terrible and horrible routine, thus my blogging time has been interrupted with the event of. 🙂  Any momma’s out there have any tips??  We have had a solid routine since she was six months and nothing has changed. I did start giving her baths at night time (and in the AM!) and that seems to help some but she is almost terrified of sleep and the thought of being put in her bed all alone. She fights so so hard!! I’m hoping this is a phase, a short one at that. It’s been going on for just at a month now. #AdayinthelifeofEm
Sayings147In the meantime, when I do get time I will be writing multiple blog updates at once and scheduling them to post automatically. I’m still trying to figure out a day and hours that I can sit down and commit to doing this. I’m hoping to get at least 3-4 blogs up weekly. Quiet time is hard to come by when you’re “mommy!”

I’m a bit behind as I mentioned so expect some date-back posts! 🙂 I have stuff to fill you in on from almost the entire month 🙂  Hopefully I’ll get caught up this week!!

Love you guys! And thanks for continue to read my blogs even though I’m very inconsistent with updates. 🙂

Until We meet again,


2 thoughts on “Fan Problems :)

  1. From one mommy to another, they all go through this phase. With Tyler, we started setting a timer and would tell him you have 5 minutesand when the timer goes off, its bedtime. That seemed to help. And he has lots of “friends” (stuffed animals) so he doesn’t have to sleep alone. Good luck and hang in there. It will pass. 🙂

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