Emilyn goes to dance

This month E had her very first of many to come dance classes. Once again it left this momma, oh so proud.  Because I am a stay at home momma this has really been her first (big sized) interaction with a group of kids where she doesn’t get to hold mommy’s hand the whole time. We have lots of play dates with friends and cousins but this was such a big thing for her! E is definitely a mommy’s girl and I’m excited to see her grow on so many levels through dance!! E was so timid at first and we had quite a burst of tears but she finally came around… I think she will do excellent as time goes on and she really begins to understand what it’s all about.  Since her first day she’s constantly “practicing” at home and has even added a few moves of her own. She will be playing and suddenly announce “angelina!!” (this comes from her love of the show angelina ballerina, thus all ballet she calls angelina) then she quickly asks “mommy watch me… pleaaase!” She does her ballerina turns and points her toes and bounces her knees. She’s learned so so much already. 🙂



The coolest part of dance is that she is starting where i spent 18 years dancing myself, starting young and dancing til I graduated high school. It’s such a sweet blessing to know and love her dance teacher Mrs. P who taught me all those years.  She impacted my life in countless ways and I’m so grateful E will get a chance to be loved by her.  Even more awesome?? E’s aunt A also teaches their and she gets to be taught by her favorite aunt. 🙂 What a wonderful opportunity and so much fun for her.  Thanks Mrs. P. and Aunt A for your incredible patience and loving my sweet girl.  She truly truly loves being a ballerina!! 🙂



E’s adorable dance bag came from an awesome shop on Etsy.  The owner of this shop is so very talented and her craft includes more than just adorable bags. 🙂 Check her out here and if you purchase something tell her that I sent you just for fun. She was so easy to work with and I really appreciate all she did to accommodate my needs for specifics and time frame.

Until We meet again,



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