Letters… who knew!

The last video I posted was Em, in all her glory, counting. To my surprise… this girl also knows hers letters.  And by “to my surprise” my mouth hit the floor when she knew what a double-u was. 🙂 I’m not sure if her grandmas have been doing letters with her or if she has been spending a lot of time watching and really paying attention to the tv show – Super Why.  We have blocks with letters on them and whenever we play with those I always tell her A is for Apple!  B is for Bumble Bee! and so forth and she is always way more interested in the pictures on the opposite side of the blocks than the letters that represented them. 🙂  This morning as she brought me her newest book – “Berenstain Bears A Happy Halloween Book,” out of more habit of pointing out pictures in the book, I decided with no obvious reason to ask E what letter I was pointing too. I had NO and I do mean absolutely NO clue that she would be able to tell me. We went through all the letters on the page and she really amazed me!  So here’s a peak into this proud momma’s morning. 🙂


Until We meet again,



2 thoughts on “Letters… who knew!

  1. One smart little girl. I am amazed that she is so young and yet knows so much. Her kindergarten teacher better be on her toes when Em goes to school. When I kept my grandson Ethan from birth to 3 years old while his folks worked, we watched PBS and his favorite was Elmo and of course Thomas. 🙂 Hope you are feeling well these days. Again, what a smart cookie you have there. ❤ Mrs. S

  2. Amazing! So proud of her & you! It is mind blowing what they pick up, when you are not paying attention! Miss you guys! Sending love, hugs & prayers!

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