It’s Black Friday… what gives?

uh oh. I have another bone to pick with all you folks…. and mainly you folks who hate on black friday.

Department Stores Macys Black Friday 1946This picture is dated back to the 1940s and is at Macy’s. Black Friday… no matter how it caters to American Greed and Consumer needs… it is still TRADITION.

I have many friends hating on black friday. “The stores opened too early. People should be spending time with their families. Black Friday is for the crazies. People are too consumed with material things to enjoy thanksgiving.” Well here’s what I have to say about that. While black friday shopping is not for me because I hate standing in line at walmart on a normal day… many people enjoy it and it truly is tradition. I woke up to a newsfeed of people who hadn’t yet been to sleep and going on 24+ hours of shopping… and you know what I say to them. WAY TO GO. Because you have much more stamina then I do.  Most of these people went WITH their families and they do so every year. So for you folks that say they need to be spending time with their families, you should stop and think that just maybe they are. This is a tradition for some families they pile in the car going from city to city with each other and snag the best deals on everything. For some people staying out all night is a comittment they have to do so they can ensure that their shopping gets done for Christmas… because to pay full price for all the things in their cart they would need to pay nearly 2 grand or more to bring it home on a normal day.

So for all you black friday haters… be ashamed of yourself.  No one hates on you for choosing not to go black friday shopping… so don’t put someone down for going. Most of these people enjoy it and spend all week looking forward to it.  It is not a new concept… black friday has been around for decades. There is nothing wrong with anyone taking part in the “crazy” that is a thousand people in one place getting the best deals they can. Just like there is nothing wrong if you want to stay home in your PJs all day.

Good heavens guys… we should be above the judging.  And I’m serious on this… stop putting your two not so nice cents out there just because you aren’t on the same page as someone else. We need to be better than that. These are your friends and colleagues and ranting about how they spend their time is not really any place of yours…. especially if you aren’t being nice about it.

So… happy black friday friends!  Whether you are spending it like I am in pjs with harry potter or going on hour 30 of no sleep. 🙂

Until We meet again,


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