I posted this on my facebook as a random thought tonight. I realize that I haven’t been utilizing my blog as I should and decided these posts belong here too. So you may have read my ramblings about bravery already… But just incase you need to hear it again, here you have it. 🙂

” If you dont learn how to be scared, you’ll never really learn how to be brave.”

There’s something to be said about fear and how we approach it. I can count on one single hand the times Ive sat in a hospital bed and been completely free of fear. Considering the amount of times I have sat in a hospital bed…. that’s really not many. There’s fear behind every operation. Fear behind every test. And fear behind all the unknowns that lie ahead. I used to believe that there was weakness in being gutted with fear and even more so admitting those fears. As I’ve grown, I realize there is a certain kind of greatness that our fears bring about. It’s not fear itself, that’s bad. No, Fear brings with it an opportunity for great courage… Choosing to take that step into the unknown.
For me? Its choosing to do an operation or a test even with it’s unknown and hec sometimes even with it’s known. For me? It’s choosing to say yes to going somewhere brand new and far away for treatment. For me? It’s not having enough memories built up for the one day Im not there to make them anymore.
For you? It could be leaving your job for a new one. Or moving far away from where you are. Or voicing your thoughts and opinion when you don’t know if anyone will agree. Or simply afraid for what the next day holds.
Our fears bring with it an undenied bravery. Being afraid of things we can’t control or don’t know? No, that’s not a bad thing. The bad thing would be letting those fears win and not pushing forward. So whatever you may be scared of right now?? Wake up tomorrow and be brave. Wake up and go do what you are afraid to. Let your fears mold you in a good way. And if no one has ever told you before…
It truly is ok to be scared, just remember to be brave too.


Until we meet again 🙂


One thought on “Brave

  1. Last night after I read your post on FB, I thought of one of our K-5 Bible verses. “W” What time I am afraid I WILL trust in thee. Ps 56:3 Thank you for reminding me it is ok to be afraid as that IS HOW we become brave. YOU are such a blessing to so many people. Just know that we love you and are praying for you and that sweet family! ❤ Mrs. S

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