Who is Steph?

I am Stephanie.
Steph to many and PH to few.

I am a wife to to a man who knows how to be the best kind of friend. I am a mom to a beautiful baby girl who was born in January 2012 and a sweet Aussie-pup named Maya.  I am bound by grace and continually learning how to love only because I am loved first by He whose grace and mercy is never ceasing.  I am a family-girl and the very essence of family is incredibly important to me. I am a lover of food, cooking, and making a mess, but I don’t like chocolate, waiting for water to boil, or cleaning up the dishes. I am incredibly fond of the beach and playing outside. I am surrounded by a great group of friends and family who I love and am loved by in a beautiful way. I am truly grateful for my life. I am a incredibly blessed.

It is my hope that you catch a glimpse of who I am through my rambles and if nothing else comes of it, at the end of the day, you can walk away having learned something new about yourself.


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