Count your blessings…

Did you know my just shy of 2 year old daughter can count? Yes, I’m completely amazed to but I’m also her Mommy and that makes me incredibly biased. 🙂  Today’s rap sheet include my daughter counting!  I’m not sure where 6 went during this session but I decided who needs 6 in our lives today anyway!  So so proud of my girl and all that’s she’s growing into.  While she was counting and also expecting a chocolate tasty treat… I was counting my blessings and E being the very first on my list. How special it is to love someone so little so very much.

This video was captured on October 9. 🙂

Until We meet again,


Making Memories

This is coming late to you as per my usual self… but nonetheless today’s post deserves a spot on the blog. 🙂  If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’ve made quite big efforts to make the most memories on a daily basis. It doesn’t always have to be a big thing, but I try to capture the things we do through pictures and journaling every day. I love the idea of waking up each day ready to make new memories, it’s kept my heart light and spirit joyful even on the not so fun days. It really has been a fun way to approach the day and I’ve learned that I cherish that view of waking up almost as much as I cherish my wake-up snuggles with E.

This week E-bug went to her very first concert. 🙂 We almost didn’t go, but because things lined up just right we were able too. My mom, sister, myself, and E piled in the car for a fun night of country singing and expensive foods! E was amused by the music for all of 15 seconds and then wanted to run around all over the place. Being the smart mom I am and knowing my kid doesn’t sit still long, I packed the IPAD for our journey. E found ample opportunity to use it.  She LOVES the games she gets to play and can work it all by herself.  Kid’s are seriously way too smart.  She took breaks during favorite songs and was mostly drawn into the music when the piano was playing… I’m positive there’s reasons for that – but will save that for another day. 🙂


E crashed just before the headliners came on and missed about 45 minutes of some of their greatest hits. I definitely didn’t mind her snoozing because she kept me warm with snuggles. Her nap gave her a little burst of energy. She was ready to dance with Mommy, when she woke up, and that’s exactly what we did! 🙂

IMG_20130929_114924            IMG_20130926_185318_769          IMG_20130929_115030

Even though the concert was fun and absolutely worth it, I definitely paid for going. By the end of the night I felt pretty terrible. I slept well into the afternoon the following day. (SN: I’m incredibly grateful for my mom. She has been there every moment helping with E in every way she can. It’s such a blessing to be surrounded by the people who love you most on a regular basis.)  One of the worst side effects of the new drug I am taking is how achy it makes me feel. And by achy – I actually mean feels like my bones are being ripped completely out of my body over and over and over again. When we left for the concert I was having a fairly good “bone day,” but by the time it was over I could hardly move. I should have been more wise in my standing up with E and bouncing around but it was about the memories we were making that was important, even at the smallest costs. All in All it was a really good night…. we had lot’s of smiles and E really had a great time. So blessed to be her mommy.

Until We meet again,

I Scream. You Scream.

We all Scream for Ice Cream!

IMG_20130718_120228 IMG_20130718_120341

One thing I’ve realized since becoming “Mommy” is that I’m no longer anyone’s favorite. NO seriously, I used to be really loved. My dad would surprise me with slurpees and ice cream cones and the works. Well last night was finally proof that I was most certainly forgotten and my sweet daughter has taken over the life and heart of my Daddy. He walked through the door with only ONE ice cream cone. ONE. and you better believe it was not for me… it was for my monster of a child who get’s just about anything she wants, even Ice cream at 930 at night. Dad, there once was a day you bought me ice cream, too. 😉

BUUUUT there was nothing better than watching E indulge in this fantastic once in a while treat from Grand-daddy. It was love at first lick and she did not miss a beat. She so enjoyed it and I so enjoyed watching her stuff her face. Yes, with a sugary treat at bed time. What gives… it was from Grand-daddy and I’d let him treat her every single night if he wanted too. 😀  Even if he did forget about me!! Such is life.

Until We meet again,

When baby gets boo boo


In love with those sweet blue eyes.

What I’ve learned in my year and some months as being a mommy is that babies aren’t as fragile as I originally once thought.  My sweet E falls in a single day hour more than I can count on one hand and just like mommy she laughs and laughs about it. This boo boo comes delivered to you from a face plant directly into the grass while we were playing outside. (and if you are local, you are just now realizing that I cheated on today’s picture, because you know it was entirely too icky and cold to play outside today. Yes. You are correct. I Cheated. But I didn’t want too much time to pass before this one got away.) 🙂  She fumed in tears after this face plant which is way out of character for my girl and then she didn’t stop. Those tears just kept coming! Which, now I’ll explain the pacifier/binkie/mute button. Em is on the down climb of the paci. She gets it ONLY at bedtime and in the car because she really hates the car seat much of the time.  She really doesn’t mind handing it over in the morning when she wakes up but asks for it the second she gets ready to go to bed… Yes, I know it’s habit. But, I’m also working on getting her into the crib all night. One step at a time, folks, one step at a time. Anyway, back to the boo boo… tears, crocodile tears… and in the middle of all those crocodile tears she yells “ppppaaaaaaaccciiiii” and yes, this momma’s broken heart went inside and grabbed her paci.  I think that was the clever plan behind the face plant the entire time. 🙂 It turns out she had a serious boo boo. Poor girl not only scratched her face in multiple places but she also had a pretty heavy cut on the top of her eye lid.  This was several days ago and it’s just starting to heal now. It’s crazy how much I hurt when she hurts. I now know why my mom never let us run on the sidewalks or driveways when we were growing up. No, I’m not joking. My sister and I could NOT and I do mean NOT, under any circumstances, run across the driveway or sidewalk when we were growing up.  The kids would get together to play hide and go seek or flash light tag or any of the  numerous game where the ultimate goal was to tag someone out. We’d run as hard as we could from the person who was “it”  and stop, walk across the driveway and then run again. I’m sure we managed to make walking on the cement a cool thing and implement that into the rules so we didn’t get out all the time, but it was such a terrible thing growing up. Mom, I definitely understand why you did that and you are the greatest mom in the world. I’m not sure I’ll have the heart to make E walk across the driveway when playing tag until I nurse my first driveway boo boo… but I’m slowly, ever so slowly turning into you. (and that’s ok by me… I secretly love that and wouldn’t want to be any other kind of mom).


And since I cheated, A sneak at today’s sleeping Angel. 🙂

Until We Meet Again,

Caught in the act!

k2 k

My kiddos are my favorite things in the entire world. They are also each others favorite things in the entire world. They play together all day. They nap together. They watch TV together. E willingly shares her food with her fursista and Maya willingly waits patiently for her bite. They also get in trouble together. Today is a PRIME example of these two being slightly sneaky. I don’t get much done around the house with out having these two shadows tailing behind me. If they aren’t there, I know they are getting into something they should not be.  I was cleaning in the kitchen this morning and as usual E was getting into the bottom shelf of my pantry… I’ve removed just about everything from there that could spill or break or cause loud noises. 🙂 It didn’t take long before I realized that she wasn’t there nor was my sweet pooch around. As I come around the corner into my den there the two sneaky little stinkers were… With an easter egg that HAD been filled with Reese cups. Devoured. Gone. Annihilated. Destroyed. Absolutely completely Consumed in less than 2 minutes. Lesson of the day? Time to move stuff off the second shelf of the pantry or put a lock on it. Man my girl is growing so big so fast. I love how Maya is looking away in the second picture “Wasn’t me mom… I’m not guilty. It was all the baby.”

Until We Meet Again,


E has been playing pat-a-cake for months now.  When she began clapping it was a big deal!  Now it seems silly to think about her not clapping. 🙂  The first time she ever clapped was when J and I were watching a movie on TV and something struck me as stupid funny and I laughed so hard I clapped.  My 14 year old cousin calls these knee-slapper funny. It really took me by surprised when she started clapping and it was then when I realized I was in trouble because she was already mimicking us. 🙂  This week E, out of no where, started rolling it up. Now I know there’s a whole nother version to Pat-a-cake, or at least the first verse – but the only one E knows is

Patty cake, patty cake, baker’s man.
Bake me a cake as fast as you can;
Roll it up, roll it up;
And throw it in a pan!

And yes, we even say patty. 🙂  Check out this sweet video of miss E rolling it up.  I’m bragging and totally bias — but she’s so smart. 🙂 Enjoy the video and a little glimpse into another day in my life as “Mom.”

Until we meet again,


A beautiful sunshiny day.

First, I love how much these two love each other.  They play together all day long.. but it warms my heart even more to watch them at the door together.  My favorite picture is the one on the bottom left.  I love how E is hanging out under Maya. I don’t just capture these moments at the right time, these kids are always like the this.  Paper and glue.  I love them so much and I am so so grateful that Maya is so good with our baby girl.  You never know how your pooch will act with a little one, no matter how good of a dog they were before the baby.  My biggest fear with Maya was that she would be jealous… we truly treat pup as if she is our baby too. When E came, she welcomed her in and protected her.  I think Maya thinks E is a hairless puppy. 🙂 – Another day in my life as “Mom.”

Until we meet again,


knee pads.

Today’s billion dollar Idea comes from the knees of my poor sweet girl.  She has the toughest little knees and from crawling but they are just red and are beginning to get blisters! No one prepared me for such things… and I am not happy about it.  After lots of thought I decided that it was time to plant knee pads in our little ones pajamas. If we can put shoulder pads in womens clothing than we can certainly pad up the knees of all crawling age clothing.  These little ones need to be able to crawl with ease!

However, this mom I think has the right idea… check out the awesome knee pads her big guy is wearing. 🙂  CLICK ME!!!!  < now that’s a billion dollar idea right there.  Already thinking about ordering E a few sets!! 🙂 I think this mom totally has an understanding what it’s like to live another day in my life as “Mom.”

Until we meet again,


Lazy Babies…

Photo: Another lazy Saturday morning in my bed. And yes, I'm fully aware that I've said that neither of these two would ever be in my bed.  Spoiled kids.  Dog is even using a pillow... all my rules went out the window when sweet Emilyn arrived.

I am still getting used to Em no being in room with us… So on this lazy baby morning… all my babies are spending it in the bed.  I always said that both of these guys would NEVER be in my bed— and now even my sweet fur baby knows how to use a pillow.  Oh well… such is life and another day in my life as “mom.”

E moved out.

😦 It was time. We had to kick E out. It was just not working out. E is finally in her very own big girl crib in her very own big girl bedroom all the way across the very big hall. Yes, I can still see her, but this momma is having a very hard time with this move.  Ultimately, it will be better for all. E wakes at the drop of a pin in the middle of the night. She also finds her way into the bed during the middle of the night when she wakes.  Currently, the way the bedroom is set up is with a porta crib very close to the bed.  So close that the two touch.  E can practically climb over into our bed when she wakes.  So all of these reasons are why she was evicted. 😦  E has always been one who slept through the night and we truly hope by giving her, her own room that’s quiet and dark will allow her to have that sleep back, and momma too.  None of  us are too fond with waking in the middle of the night.  So… here’s to the saddest night of my mommy history so far. 😦  A very very sad day in my life as “Mom.”

Photo: My sweet girl is sleeping in her own room tonight.  Clearly this is harder on Mommy than baby.  Growing so fast!

Until we meet again,