Why Rainbows?

When I was a little girl I can remember Momma pointing out rainbows to me. “Always look directly across from the sun…” she said,”rainbows always come out when it rains and when the sun shines too!”  When I was that little, I didn’t realize how much the rainbow would come to be a prominent theme in my life.

There is the obvious good that is found in a rainbow. The rainbow was God’s promise to Noah and in turn to us. It’s the beauty in a cloudy dreary day. It’s the promise of sunshine. Even the fortune of it’s pot of gold at the end. The rainbow, even if short lived serves it’s purpose and for me it’s a huge one. The rainbow is full of meaning to me and I love having such a constant reminder of life, purpose, good, and beauty. What’s even better… the rainbow can only appear in the rain.  How awesome to think that without the dreary the beautiful blessing found in the rainbow would seize to exist.

So, how did the rainbow become such an important symbol and reminder in my life? Well that story begins when I was 10 years old, waiting in the hospital to have a heart transplant. At the time I was waiting, there had already been several children who had received their heart transplant before me.  If you ask many of them they will share with you how special the rainbow is to them also.  As CHKD heart recipients, we believe that when there’s a rainbow in the sky, someone somewhere is receiving their new heart.  Before I was transplanted in November, several recipients before me had shared with me the story of their rainbow and how they or someone they knew saw a rainbow on their transplant date.  From the moment I started my wait I looked for the rainbow, I knew that if I saw my rainbow, I would find my heart in the pot of gold at the end.  On November 17, 1995, I received my new heart.  I was rolled into surgery very early that morning and I never did see a rainbow. I don’t think I thought much about it that morning, there was a slew of emotions that day and worrying about my rainbow wasn’t at the top of the list. Remember when I said that other recipients had share their story about how they or SOMEONE ELSE they knew had seen their rainbow before their transplant. It was weeks after my transplant when I learned the story of my rainbow.  We ran into another very young heart recipient in the clinic, who was transplanted just over a month before I was.  Her mother shared the story about how she drew a rainbow for the very first time and the crazy thing – it was on the 17th the day I received my heart.  They had no idea at the time that I was receiving my heart that day.  So maybe my rainbow didn’t appear in the sky that day, I would never know, but even if it didn’t… I still got my rainbow. 🙂   Even now, 17 years later when I see a rainbow, I still believe that someone must have gotten their new heart.  What a blessing the rainbow has been to me.

Walk on rainbows with me as I attempt to make each one count.  Experience what somewhere over the rainbow really is.   I truly love my life. Walking on rainbows and making it count defines it in so many ways… like a bag of skittles, I can never have too much of life.


Until we meet again,



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